Token sale

sold out
MilestoneCommercial Release in May 2018Soft cap300 ETH

Collected: 2000 ETH

Total token holders: 2500+

Accepted currencyETHHard cap2000 ETH
LiquidityBancor,  EtherDeltaToken contract



Below are some industry leaders examples fully functional on Ethereum testnet. Click to explore.

It is a fast and simple way to offer a digital product or service by using a smart contract
Payment processing, products delivery and controlling the conditions defined in the smart contract is done automatically
Payment/delivery data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and is impossible to forge or hack
Free integration and vendors` support. Possibility of independent integration. (self-implemented integration)
BCS Token
BCS tokens are issued at the PreSale and TGE stages. Purchased tokens give the holders right to claim bonuses which can be used on the platform or sold
Low Fees
A small fee of 05%-2% is automatically applied during payments processing
Trading possibilities
Due to the use of bancor protocol, exchange is possible within first days after TGE is finished
The platform is based on smart-contracts audited by ZKLabs. This allows to automate business logic
Reserve 2%Bounty 3%Advisors 4%PreTGE 8%Partners 12%Team 15%TGE (long-term) 56%

In comparison to using traditional sale channels, you will get the following benefits

2Low fees 0.5%-2%
3Automated products delivery
4Free integration
5Safe decentralized data storage
6Keeping up with modern technologies trends

If you are or want to become a digital products and/or services vendor and to be able to accept payments in cryptocurrency (Ethereum), please, contact us to get free integration with

Terms and Conditions

Become a partner

or send your enquiry with your services/products description to [email protected] and we will offer you a plan for integration

Research and project conceptualizationq1 2017 - q2 2017
Developing alpha-version, first use caseq2 2017 - september 2017
PreSale, Marketing, a new use caseseptember 2017 - december 2017
TGE, Platform improvementsdecember 2017 - february 2018


pitch deckwhitepaper

A cohesive team with core members having 9 years’ experience of collaborative development is working on

Vladlen Manshin
Vladlen Manshinlink

Team management, project coordination, marketing

Oleg Kondrakhanov
Oleg Kondrakhanovlink

Backend development, smartcontracts development, vendors integration

Alexey Kuzmin
Alexey Kuzminlink

Frontend development, vendors integration

Anton Loktev
Anton Loktevlink

Developed solutions testing, documentation control

Ekaterina Antonova
Ekaterina Antonovalink

Preparing materials in English

Igor Kononenko
Igor Kononenkolink

Community management

Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanovlink

Community management, technical support

Svetlana Lozovyuk
Svetlana Lozovyuklink

Community management

Lawrence C. Lastra
Lawrence C. Lastralink

Airdop / Community Manager

Experts and advisors

David Drakelink

Chairman at LDJ Capital

Christian Putzlink

CIO at ARR Investments

Dmitry Lyamenkovlink

Business Analyst at ICOBOX

Reina Gonzaleslink

Founder & CEO at Sharp Minds Content

Smart-token advisoring, support in integration with Bancor protocol

Capital raising

Legal services


Animation and voiceover

Smart contracts security audit

PR and content

Smart contracts audit

Frequently Asked Questions
What is is a platform for selling digital products and services, based on smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. allows vendors to publish information about digital products and services, and customers – to purchase these products and services for Ethereum cryptocurrency. At that, all the data concerning products is stored as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.
What is the difference between BCShop and regular payment gateways?
First of all, it is much easier to create a product or service offer through BCShop: you do not need your own website, you do not need to register in payment gates, and you do not need a server for storing shop activity data. All the data related to a service or product sale terms, as well as related to completed transactions is stored on blockchain. In comparison to the classical approach, your shop is much more protected against any hacking or data loss, as blockchain guarantees a more efficient means of protection for your data. When working with payments gateways you should resolve all issues with the product delivery yourself and you should control the process. If you are using our service, you can download a standard BCShopApp and set it up (yourself or with our help), this will immediately resolve the issue of your customers receiving products automatically. The amount of investment required to start working with BCShop is $0 (zero)!
Is BCShop anonymous?
BCShop does not change degree of anonymity of Ethereum. Buyer`s e-mail (or identification), which a buyer provides for receiving a product, is stored on blockchain in the encrypted form.
How are you going to solve the problem of ETH volatility?
According to the contract a vendor can recalculate the price of all their DPS contracts at the determined rate.
Why is different from GameCredits, SkinCoin, BlockTix and other similar projects?
First, a user does not need to buy special tokens to purchase game currency, skins or tickets as in the projects mentioned above. Payment is made directly in ETH. Second, as opposed to mentioned above highly specialized projects, is more general and can be applied to a larger number of varied fields. Therefore, solves the problem of stock exchange liquidity and listing due to bancor protocol, so that a tokens holder can exchange them at any moment, and anybody can become a holder. Fourth, unlike the mentioned above projects, has a built-in customer products rating system based on smart-contracts.
What is BCS token?
The BCS token allows its owners to receive BCB tokens, which can be spent on the platform to purchase digital goods and services.
Do you plan listing BCS tokens on stock exchange?
We will send listing applications to all of the recognized stock exchanges. Independently from tokens listing on stock exchange, liquidity problem is solved by using bancor protocol ( Tokens will be available for exchange within the first few days after TGE completion.
Can I mine BCS tokens?
No, BCS tokens can’t be mined.
Why is there a limited number of investors during PreTGE stage?
At this stage, our task is to provide an individual approach and maximum security within the available resources. We believe that working with each investor individually, we will be able to conduct the PreTGE campaign as efficiently as possible.
Why you don’t use slack?
Unfortunately, there are so many fraudulent acts with slack and we decided to abandon this channel for the maximum safety of users and investors.
How are we different from OpenBazaar?
The major difference is on the fundamental level – it is use of the mechanism which the platform is based on. is actually based on blockchain, with the use of smart contracts, while OpenBazaar is, in fact, local (requires installing special software) and exchange of data between the users is already an add-on. Besides that, possesses other distinguishing features: • possibility of integration with business • automated payments processing and products delivery option • exclusive trade of digital products and services only • access from any device with no special software required • controlling of payments and products account at the level of smart contracts
Why so low caps?
We are experienced and highly effective team focused on development. We don’t need more to deliver commercial product.
How many tokens will be distributed? How many tokens were already distributed?
Up to 242 000 tokens will be distributed at this stage. ~20 000 tokens were already distributed during presale and bounty campaign.
What happens with undistributed tokens?
All undistributed tokens will be frozen until commercial release. They will be moved to long-term development fund and will be unlocked for project development needs during next stages. Each stage unlocks small amount and is publicly announced at least 30 days before. Team tokens are locked for more than 8 years with unlocking schedule of 1% per month.
Are you going to exchanges?
Sure, we are applying to all major exchanges. We already implemented Bancor protocol which guarantees decentralized exchange with 0% fees.