Progress Update

September Progress Update

Summer might be saying goodbye, but we’re still around and getting closer to the public launch of the While polishing the platform, we are exploring different opportunities to list BCS token on a medium-sized exchange or conducting an IEO with immediate listing afterwards. 

Public launch and BCS listing

We understand that the public launch is one of the key events in the project’s roadmap and we want to get sure that we have a good exchange beforehand to support this event. Additionally, we are partners with Bancor DEX and BCS tokens will be available to purchase right from the BCShop website.

The launch itself will be divided in two phases:

  1. Onboarding for sellers. We will directly contacts thousands of companies and individuals who offer blockchain-related services in such fields as: Coding & Tech, Legal & Tax, Business & Advisory, Digital Marketing & Content, Translation & Writing, Design & UX. This stage will be accompanied by onboarding of arbiters and a marketing campaign.
  2. Public launch. While continuing onboarding sellers, the platform will be opened and marketed for buyers. Every startup in the blockchain industry is our potential customer.

Trezor update

Trezor API that we used to connect device to the website received a huge update this month. Our team had to completely rewrite the code responsible for that part. As a result user experience will change a little too. Take a look at this picture

Trezor update

You will see it every time when unlocking your device or sign a transaction on A somewhat similar process as in Metamask uses. That way Trezor ensures that you confirm the resource to communicate with your device.

Escrow documents

As a secure escrow marketplace we continue to improve escrow-related services. Some upgrades have been implemented for those wishing to become arbiters. From now on candidates are able to attach files to their application.

Escrow documents

These could be certificates, diplomas or any other proofs of proficiency. All received documents are securely stored encrypted on servers.


Another cool and useful feature we added is receipts that are sent to both customer and seller when payment is successfully received by the latter. The actual moment when receipt is sent can vary depending on the deal process.

  1. If the purchase was not protected by escrow, the receipt is sent right after purchase transaction is confirmed.
  2. In case of escrow-protected escrow it is sent

2.1 When customer confirmed the deal themselves or

2.2 When escrow resolves the dispute (in case there was one) or

2.3 When deadline for complaint expires

Receipts contain the date and time of the purchase, product or service name and total cost, and also any complaint-related information (in case there was one).

Improving User Experience

A couple of improvements regarding interaction with the blockchain have been introduced.

Let’s take, for example, claiming pending payments as a seller. Sometimes there are situations when you press Claim button and then wait for transaction to be prepared for you to sign. But our processes can take a while to get a blockchain response and build the transaction.

Claim Payments

It is unclear whether something happened on server side or it is just normally busy forming your transaction. So you press the button again. In that case another transaction could have been formed and if both were signed one would surely fail.

To prevent this behaviour we added progress indicators for all the elements that wait for blockchain to respond and transaction to form.

Progress Indicators

In some cases we even block the whole button to prevent the second transaction forming.

We also noticed that amount of different email notification types has grown so huge that overall list of them in Notifications section looks cumbersome and makes little sense to new users. So instead we decided to replace the whole list with just when toggle.

Notifications section

And no more Save button. Everything is getting saved right after the toggle is switched.

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