October Progress Update

October Progress Update

In this post we’ll show you what we’ve been up to since our last update in September. The team continues to explore different IEO opportunities. We increased social media presence and improved SEO ratings on our website, also we introduced several useful updates.

If you want to see what we’ve completed recently and what’s planned for Bcshop, check our Progress Update blog post.

IEO landscape

The team continues to explore different IEO opportunities. Our general impression is that IEOs are more for marketing than for money raising: market making and marketing requirements of most medium tier exchanges are comparable to the amount that a project is going to raise which are usually on top of a flat fee. Taking this into consideration, the team is choosing between conducting a small size IEO (mostly for free BCS listing) and public launch of the BCShop platform without additional fund raising prior to it.

Social media engagement

As our followers noticed, we increased social media presence across all channels. In the coming months we are going to cover different topics relevant for different categories of sellers on the platform. Check our the recent one for the Legal & Tax category: (https://bcshop.io/blog/blog-legal/blockchain-legal-guide/. Later after public launch we expect our blog to become an additional organic customers source for BCShop.

SEO procedures

Now when our website is almost ready for release it is time to optimize its discovery via search engines like Google. The website was analyzed with several well-known tools that help to find the most crucial for such optimization places. As a result, this list of enhancements was implemented:

  1. Sitemap was added. That is basically a list of pages that search engines use to index the website.
  2. Special header tags were added in the set of pages. Though not visible for user they emphasize the most important keywords for search engines.
  3. A minor but interesting improvement. Some search engines prefer URLs not to contain underscore symbols, but instead a hyphen. So these URLs were rewritten accordingly, for example, /docs/privacy_policy.pdf turned to /docs/privacy-policy.pdf.
  4. We also added certain JSON-LD structured data to let search engines know what BCShop.io is for. This type of data helps to identify the resource’s purpose whether it is a financial organization or a cookbook recipe. This is an example of such data

@type“: [“LocalBusiness”],

“name”: “BCShop.io”,

“currenciesAccepted”: [ “EUR”, “BTC”, “ETH” ],

“paymentAccepted”:”Credit Card, Cryptocurrency”

  1. We also had to move some links and buttons a bit away from each other as they were too closely positioned to use them easily on touch screens.

These measures have greatly improved our SEO ratings.

Gas explainer message

As we expect some of our users to be completely new to Ethereum blockchain, it feels necessary to give an explanation for some of Ethereum core mechanics, like transaction or gas concept.

If a seller doesn’t have enough Ether to pay for a transaction when creating an offer, they should see a message telling about gas and how Ether could be obtained in a couple of words.

request a small amount of Ether

What’s more, they even could request a small amount of Ether directly from BCShop.io if they are eligible for that operation, i.e. it is their first offer and they didn’t make such request before.

Dispute details window

We’d like to introduce a small but useful update of the dispute procedure. From now on raised dispute status is indicated with a special link, not with a plain text, like before.

dispute status

If a user presses this link, dispute details will be shown:

dispute details

We hope this will make the dispute process easier and thus improve BCShop.io user experience.

Share via social media

Don’t forget about our affiliate program. We’ve made it even more accessible than before.

affiliate program

Please visit the corresponding section Get Passive Income and you will notice a row of small buttons that let you share the unique invitational code via one of your favorite social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp or good old email.

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