Progress Update

November Progress Update

BCShop testnet has been up for several months already. Thousands of Ethereum blockchain transactions and web interface tests helped us to improve the platform in different ways. BCShop is now much more user friendly with hints for almost all interface elements on top of “how-to” instructions for every possible action. Another major update is coming in the form of voiced video tutorials to make it easier to onboard people who are new to blockchain space. Check out test net at:

Public launch schedule

Now we are ready to officially call public launch date: 13th of January 2020! The launch will be split in two phases:

  • Onboarding for sellers and arbiters. During this phase, which will last approximately 4 weeks, we will invite arbiters and sellers across all blockchain industry to create their offers on BCShop.
  • Launch for buyers. During this phase we will promote BCShop to all blockchain based start-ups and other industry related businesses as well as individuals who are looking for relevant services.

After 2 years of development we are eager to get BCShop running!


Banners for partners

We are happy to introduce special banners for those who want to become our partner and participate in the affiliate program. They will come in handy if you have your own website and plan to invite its users to try BCShop.

The invitation link is perfect when you want to share it via messengers or social media but the banner is a lot more visible and notable when rendered on the website.

Please visit the corresponding Get Passive Income section and press Go to BCShop Banners.

You will see the list of banners and accompanying HTML snippets that you can insert into your website code to render the corresponding banner. We have plenty of banners, just choose what suits you better.

Remember that you will get a 33% share of all the fee generated by those who accessed our platform (and created their offer) via this banner or invitation link.


Website translation

In this part, we’ll look a bit under the hood and inspect the details of how we work with translation and localization.

So far all of translation and texts are maintained via the so-called control interface of the website.

We have special Localization section in it where one can search for a specific phrase or its corresponding translation.

Here, for example, we are searching for ‘Escrow’ word in Russian localization.

That section allows us to quickly change particular texts. But what if we need to perform a complete text replacement for some of the locales.

Now we are finishing the development of a feature that should help with such tasks.

These small buttons in the right part of the table should download the whole localization in one file and upload it back. That way a file can be translated by some other person that doesn’t have to have access to the website’s control interface.

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