Progress Update

May Progress Update

BCShop is made possible thanks to your support, token holders, and the team is grateful to all of you. Building the innovation and contributing to the blockchain industry is our joint achievement. The team is determined to run the project on a high quality level no matter what. Any financial success of BCShop will be shared with our token holders, rest assured.

Branded testnet goes live

The branded version of BCShop went live in May at It operates on the Ropsten test network. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback at our telegram channel. For those who don’t want to bother with getting Ropsten Ether we prepared some wallets already filled with Ropsten Ether.

prepared wallets already filled with Ropsten Ether

Feel free to play with the site using those public wallets.

Free gas for the first offer

We aim to make BCShop to be as user friendly as possible. For those our customers who is unfamiliar with the Ethereum blockchain, we want to provide a smooth experience by removing hurdles associated with GAS costs for every transaction. Thus, we are introducing a feature which allows to request free GAS from BCShop for the first offer for every customer! When merchant creates his first offer but doesn’t have any Ether to pay for gas they will be able to ask for gas and will automatically send it right to their wallet. Probably somewhere in the Create Offer page or Sign Transaction window (the exact place is yet to be discussed) merchant will find a special Ask For Gas button (see a draft below).

Ask for Gas

When merchant will press it a small amount of Ether will be transferred to them. This amount should be sufficient for executing the transaction within an average or below average time frame. Smart contracts for the feature has been already implemented. The only thing left to do is to provide web-interface for them to work.

‘New wallet’ tab

As you may know supports a lot of ways to access your wallet: Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, accessing by raw private key or keystore file. But what if a user doesn’t have an Ethereum wallet yet? Specially for this case we are introducing new tab inside Connect Wallet window. There user will get instructions on how to create his Ethereum wallet. To begin with we’ll give a link to the most trusted websites that can do it. Furthermore, the instructions will be supported by videos so creating a new Ethereum wallet won’t be a scaring adventure to unknown anymore.

new tab inside Connect Wallet window


This month we’ve been working hard to finish our so called ‘localization’ feature. The main purpose of it is to provide website with translations into multiple languages. But also it has a nice side effect: it is possible to replace every single text piece within the website without needing to redeploy the whole application.

During the updating the localization text list its functions were additionally enhanced, in order to better support this new side effect purpose.

The main problem was to make sure that all the texts were covered and none were left aside.

Cache synchronization enhancements

Our caching system drastically improves the website’s performance, though on the other hand it introduced some new bugs or unusual behaviour. The example of latter is below.

Let’s suppose a merchant just created an offer and he is tracking his transaction progress using Etherscan or some other tracker. The transaction is marked as Completed on the Etherscan website but cache system hasn’t yet synchronized it.

In progress state

In that case a merchant has some time (several seconds) of uncertainty – where is my offer? Was everything OK or should I contact the support? Have I been cheated somehow?

To eliminate these moments we are going to implement this feature. If some entity was already confirmed as created in blockchain but not yet synchronized by caching system it will be shown with the new In progress state inside the entities list. By entities we mean offers, purchases or complaints.

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