Progress Update

June Progress Update

This month we deployed several new features on the testnet website. Some of them have already been discussed in recent reports. Today we’ll make a kind of summary on what to expect from the testnet website. You are welcome to get your hands on BCShop testnet at

Gas Giveaway

Last month we discussed a new service we were going to introduce to the website. It was a giveaway of Ether enough to create your first offer. This month the first version of this service has been successfully deployed on the website.

If you have no Ether in your wallet you’ll note a special button when it is time to sign the create-offer transaction.

If you press it a small amount of Ether is transferred to your wallet. This should be sufficient to execute the create-offer transaction in a reasonable period of time. The exact maximum gas price to execute create-offer transaction is shown next to the progress status.

Please keep in mind that this giveaway is valid only for your first offer if your account is empty to avoid malicious exploits.

Privacy policy

First, we have deployed certain measures to comply with GDPR and similar regulatory measures on the testnet website. This includes the well-known banner telling the user about cookies usage.

A similar banner also will be shown to the user when we update our Privacy Policy to ensure all users understand new terms and agree to accept it.

Minor improvements

Now testnet website is going through heavy testing procedures. Lots of smaller details have been improved to enhance user experience.

Mobile version has received lots of improvements. For example banners on the top of main page were reduced by 20-30% to make the overall impression better and increase readability. Also some of controls in mobile version have been slightly changed to better suit the new branded design.

List of purchases got several new filter options (use the funnel button)

Now it is possible to tweak the list’s appearance just like you wish.

We removed the annoying pop-up confirmation when user wants to change their wallet for merchant profit. Now Change button leads straight to the transaction signing.

Cashback button in the buyer’s personal zone now correctly shows maximum percentage of cashback that user is entitled to, along with a convenient link leading to a place where BCS tokens can be purchased.

Price filters in the Catalogue were redesigned using simple edit boxes instead of not so convenient slider bars. The problem with the latter was that too huge min-max range lead to more difficult user experience with a precise slider positioning.

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