Progress Update

July Progress Update, the first escrow-secured marketplace is rapidly going to its onboarding phase, when we are going to invite sellers and escrows to become early adopters.

Last month we were polishing the website. As a result some completely new features was implemented and let’s not forget about minor improvements as well.

New content blog

BCShop aims to become the platform for experienced crypto users as well as new ones. For both categories we want to provide education and information both about BCShop and blockchain industry as a whole. For this purpose we created a new content blog from the ground up. There are 10 articles already, come and check it out!

Enhancing transparency with new status

Sometimes users could experience situations when their transactions had been successfully processed and confirmed while our caching service and website back-end were still searching for it in the blockchain. Suppose that transaction should have created a new offer.

In that case a merchant has some time of uncertainty – where is my offer? was everything OK or should I contact the support? was I being cheated somehow?

This month we deployed a solution to this problem. When user signs a transaction a new record appears in a corresponding table (offers, purchases, etc.).

This new record has special status to indicate that data is still yet to be processed by both blockchain and the caching system. When this happens ‘Syncing information’ status will be replaced with actual new purchase status or offer price. If for some reason transaction fails the new record is deleted.

We hope this measures will help to enhance transparency, so users could always see the result of their actions..

New “What is BCShop” page

We prepared special new revamped What is BCShop page to explain our essential features. can seem complicated at first glance but we are trying our best to make it easier to understand. We also want users to be able to quickly grasp what is and how it can help people improve their business. So if you want a short walkthrough on all our main topics please visit What is BCShop.

Polishing the website

A set of small features were implemented and bugs fixed in order to improve the quality of user experience and make interaction with the more intuitive. Changes have affected lots of website’s sections.

First, we haven’t forgotten about our mobile version. Connect wallet button in the main menu was visually enhanced and lifted to the very top to be easier to find.

Also all Copy buttons glitches were removed.
We are working hard to make mobile version as easy to use as the desktop.

Buy page has also received a few tweaks to improve the accessibility of information. For example, we added escrow details and now it is clear what particular escrow is designated for the offer.

Also the merchant’s contact information was added to the page. That should be useful if customer wants to discuss some details regarding offer, like asking for discounts or changing the escrow, etc. Please note that this information is displayed only for approved merchants.

Some technical things to talk about. Newsletter mailing service was changed to sendX. Initially we planned to go with Mailchimp but it turned out that this service banned some crypto topics.

Next, we made a slight change to the cookies banner. Now it is looks more neat and accurately resides in the bottom of the page. That way it suits better to our current design.

You can read more about cookies-banners and other privacy related changes in one of our previous reports.

Let’s move to Buy BCS service – a place to quickly purchase more BCS tokens that provide you with certain benefits. Some minor issues with it were also fixed and its performance was increased too.

For example, dynamic recalculation of exchange rate and result are now postponed until user finishes typing in the desired number of tokens/Ether.

And last for today, a new option to contact us. WhatsApp chat invitation link was added to footer next to the Telegram icon.

new option to contact us

Please make use of it if you want to contact us and discuss anything related to

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