Progress Update

January Progress Update PTE. LTD. is a Singapore based company which must follow Singapore laws and regulations. According to “payment services act 2019” which came in force on 28th of January 2020 all companies working with digital tokens have to buy a license for 100000 SGD (~75000 USD) and hire people to its local office.

Such expenses are far off the scope of our budget so we have to shut down our mainnet until this situation is sorted out. Currently we are exploring two opportunities to continue BCShop existence:

  1. Securing investments and looking for an appropriate jurisdiction.
  2. Joining a big company involved in marketplace business.

As soon as the situation is resolved we will reopen our mainnet.

Mobile Metamask

This month we were busy making Metamask Mobile application compatible with The main problem was in Android application particularly. Our extensive research showed that Android application sends additional requests upon transaction signing, which is a bit different from how IOS app and Browser extension behave.

To use via the mobile app, first open the website in the application’s web browser. Don’t forget to set the appropriate network (depending on what website you are interacting with – Mainnet or Ropsten).

After you select the network, tap ‘hamburger’ in the upper-right corner of the screen, then tap Connect Wallet – and sign the authorization message – just like in the desktop website.

Now when the wallet is connected, we can for example open the offer page and make a purchase.

As usually, fill in the contact details and press Buy at the bottom of the page. Then sign the payment transaction. Verify the transaction data and Confirm it.

After transaction is processed, both Metamask and will show the notification. Your purchase is completed.

Please keep in mind that Metamask mobile apps are still in its development (beta) stage and user experience might change with time.

Minor improvements

Connect Wallet is now always outlined for better visibility, and highlighted when hovering on.

We fixed a bug when a user with no referrals saw affiliate share as 0%

Russian translation was added, Korean, Chinese and Spanish languages coming soon.

Escrow detailed description is now displayed under the escrows list when creating offer.

Minor issues with email notifications were fixed. Also notifications content has been slightly changed.

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