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BCShop opens for service providers

Digital marketplaces have changed our lives, and blockchain is changing our lives, but they have yet to come together. Meet – the first escrow secured marketplace for services and digital goods on the Ethereum blockchain.

BCShop opens its doors for sellers of digital goods and services on the 13th of January 2020. It will help companies and individuals worldwide to reach new clients in the blockchain industry in such fields as:

  1. Legal & tax
  2. Business & advisory
  3. Coding & tech
  4. Digital marketing & content
  5. Translation & writing
  6. Design & UX

Сheck our blog post to see what else you can offer on BCShop:

Available without any software installation and registration, the platform utilizes user’s Ethereum wallet address as one’s unique identifier allowing to access all functions via one of the most popular methods: Trezor, Ledger, Metamask and Keystore. Check out this short video explainer of the BCShop platform:

Join now, its free

BCShop is useful for both individuals and companies being interested in the blockchain industry and:

  1. Reaching new clients for your services and digital goods worldwide
  2. Finding needed blockchain related services or digital goods for you or your company

Start selling your services or digital goods on BCShop following 6 easy steps: After placing your offers on BCShop for free, we will market them to blockchain companies and individuals around the world. Get new clients now!

Why BCShop?

If you are connected to crypto or blockchain industry BCShop is your natural choice and this is why:

  1. BCShop is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Accepting ETH as a payment is a natural thing on BCShop. Buying ETH with a card or other crypto is also possible through integrated 3rd party interface.
  2. No registration needed. Just use your wallet and stay in control of your personal data. Most popular ETH wallets are supported for a seamless experience.
  3. Get escrow protection for your deals. It may save your day in an anonymous crypto environment.
  4. Save on fees 10 times compared to classical freelance platforms. Fees for successful deals on BCShop start from as low as 1%.
  5. We will deliver your information about your services directly to your target audience.
  6. Pay or get paid internationally in matter of minutes.

Here is a visual representation of the BCShop logic:

Want to learn more? Check out our “how it works” section

Earn with BCShop

If you are not a service provider or a service consumer BCShop still has a couple of things to offer:

  1. Get a 33% lifetime commission share directly to your ETH wallet through our affiliate program. Learn more and participate here:
  2. Are you a respected and known professional in the blockchain community? Join as an arbiter and earn a commission for each deal you moderate:

Onboarding for sellers will last for 4 weeks, the platform will open for buyers right after.

Got questions? Join our telegram group to get live support: or at [email protected]

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