Referral earn ETH directly to your wallet

BCShop, an Ethereum-based marketplace for services and digital goods, launched onboarding for sellers a week ago ( In this post we’d like to highlight its referral program and invite you to participate and earn 33% commission share for a lifetime, paid in ETH directly to your wallet. You can start earning ETH right now, simply by sharing your referral link in relevant communities: conferences, forums, groups, Telegram chats, etc. The more people will use your invitation link the higher your passive ETH income can grow.

Referral program, decentralized style

BCShop heavily utilizes Ethereum smart-contracts, firmly securing and automating its business logic. When speaking about the referral program this means that once a person uses your referral link and creates at least one offer, your Ethereum wallet will be forever associated with that person. You will get 33% of a commission paid from every sale that person makes on the platform for a lifetime, directly transferred to your wallet.


How to start

Getting your referral link takes less than a minute. Connect your ETH wallet to the BCShop platform first then click “Get Passive ETH income” in the top menu. Here you will find your invitation link:


Passive ETH

In this window you can also find your referral statistic and social media share buttons. Please note that all referral rewards are automatically paid to the wallet which you connected to BCShop. There is no limitation on the number of referrals or rewards which you can make.

Click ‘GO TO BCSHOP BANNERS” to explore more than 30 banners we prepared for this referral program.

bcshop banners


Where to share

BCShop is useful for every person providing services or selling digital goods and willing to accept ETH as a payment in a safe and convenient way. Therefore, we recommend to share your invitation link in such crypto and related communities as:

  1. Forums, especially in “marketplace” section.
  2. Telegram and other messengers groups, especially specializing in service offerings.
  3. Your personal websites, social media pages and profiles.

Whichever place you select for sharing, please refrain from spamming. Only share with relevant people for mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you are an opinion leader, kindly get in touch for an extended media kit and promotion assistance.

Get a 33% lifetime commission share directly to your ETH wallet!

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