August Progress Update

The project went a long way since the start of the development. Many features have been added and improved and some unnecessary ones were removed from the platform. Completely new corporate identity was created from the ground up.

Check out this brand new explainer video to learn about BCShop essentials in less than 2 minutes:

Refined deck

Recently the team has been focused on improving the understanding of the project by broad audience. The understanding of BCShop by people who are not actively engaged into crypto plays a major role in project’s adoption and success. Here are some notable slides from our new deck:

Public testnet version

The website that operates on the Ropsten testnet is now official public testnet version where you can see things in action without risking the real Ether amount. It is also became our staging environment where the most recent features are to be rolled out first.

That move required us to set up completely new development environment. We did so in order to protect end users from potential critical issues that might ruin their experience and impressions.

So, starting from now on, the roll-out steps are new development environment (dev) – public testnet (staging) – live website (production). We hope this approach will improve user experience and ensures stable website performance.

By the way, when using the testnet website, don’t forget that we prepared special pre-filled wallets for everyone.

Personal offers

Meet completely new feature – personal offers. This service is available only for public offers.

In order to get a personal offer, first locate new Request Personal Offer button on the offer’s page.

Press it and fill in a simple form to make a proposal to the seller. You can discuss anything you like: price, escrow or offer validity period. Don’t forget to enter your e-mail address.

The seller receives your offer in his e-mail box. If he considers your request and agrees on terms he can create a new offer. While creating this personalized offer he might enter your e-mail in a special field, so you will be notified when the offer is created.

By the way, the seller can include up to five e-mail addresses in the notifications list increasing the potential audience of a customized offer.

Metamask mobile

Recently metamask released its mobile wallet. Although it is still in beta test our team decided to check its compatibility with the website. Fortunately only a couple of tweaks were needed to make a mobile Metamask usage possible.

After your set up and create or import your wallet, open Metamask browser and open new tab

Then type in our address: and unlock wallet using Metamask option. As in desktop Metamask extension, a currently selected wallet will be used for signing in.

The rest of the process is pretty much similar to what you can see in desktop website version. For example, If you want to make a purchase, open an offer page, fill in your contact details and press Buy, then Sign transaction.

We hope that using Metamask mobile application will help to bring mass adoption of closer.

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