Progress Update

April Progress Update

Here is a quick overview of what we worked this month on.

Free first offer for every seller!

BCShop platform aims to become a gateway to the Ethereum network for broad audience, including those, who never used cryptocurrencies before. Besides user friendly UI and manuals for every action on the platform, we decided that people should be able to try BCShop without the need to pay for gas and, thus, purchase ETH. On the mainnet we will add “Receive gas from BCShop for my first offer!” button which will allow new users with empty ETH wallets to request gas amount needed for their first offer on the platform. To make it even more attractive, the process will be fully automated and gas requests should take no more than several minutes to proceed.

One-click referral program

Any person who has an Ethereum wallet will be able to get referral link in one click! Our referral program has no registration or any additional requirements. Moreover, it is for lifetime! You will get a portion of the commission from every seller you bring to the platform right into your ETH wallet. The commission share is currently being considered around 30%.

Purchase ETH with BCShop

For people who want to use BCShop but don’t have enough ETH on the balance to make a purchase, there will be an option to exchange BTC for ETH or buy some ETH with credit card directly on the BCShop platform. While this service, provided by coinswitch, has additional commissions to it, it can be a fast option for small purchases.

Bancor upgrade

As you may know token is a part of Bancor network – decentralized token exchanger. From time to time Bancor team upgrades their smart contracts and advises the participants to use upgraded version of contracts. Official upgrade instructions were quite easy to follow, but examination of new Bancor code showed some incompatibility with the code. Certain steps were taken to adjust our back-end to new Bancor smart contracts.

Catalogue changes

Catalogue and categories system also has been slightly improved. Here we’ll describe how it functions.

Please note that this refers only to approved merchants as only they are capable of creating offers that are displayed in catalogue.

When merchant becomes approved one, they receive a list of categories to assign to their offers.

First, when merchant creates an offer or edit the existing one, they can pick a category from the approved list or any of its subcategories.

All the offers of approved merchants are displayed in the website’s catalogue.

Clicking the category name immediately reveals all the offers relating to this category if there are no subcategories inside.

If there are some subcategories, they are shown under the main category with ‘Select all’ option.

some subcategories

We also removed an option to search for offers from different categories as it made little sense to do so as most of time user want to check a particular category instead of picking some subcategories from absolutely unrelated categories.

Branded version on Testnet

This month rebranded version hit our Ropsten-based server. For now the website is in its final stage of development. New small features are being added while the existing ones are being polished and adjusted to the new design. Just a few examples of those:

  1. Contact Merchant feature. User will be able to send a letter to the approved merchant to discuss any details of the offer they wish. Look for Contact Merchant button on the Purchase page.
  2. We decided to remove offer images. Instead, Purchase page will display an approved company logo.
  3. When user fills in purchase details prior to unlocking the wallet, filled data such as contact information persists after wallet is unlocked.

Latest smart contracts on Mainnet

Finally our latest smart contracts have been deployed on live server, the same version as on Ropsten-based server. We needed to update it due to fixing the bug with Revoked status that was describe in the February report.

Third party services

Several third party services were integrated for the business needs.

Jira – for the support system, tickets are based on feedback form requests.

Jivosite – for the live chat support

Mailchimp – for email subscriptions

Coinswitch – for Ether purchase

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